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You can rely on Chef’s Knives for doing different tasks with ease. It’s a kitchen must-have that you can use for cutting meat and vegetables.

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Japanese Knives are known for their beauty, durability, high performance, and one-side sharp cutting edge for all your cutting needs.

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If you’re on the hunt for quality knives or plan on upgrading your current ones, browse through our chef’s knife sets that offer the best knife combination that will suit your needs.

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You can trust the quality, durability, and performance of every kitchen knife that you get from Iron Chef.

Each piece offers a unique cooking experience to both home cooks and professional cooks, catering to different cutting needs in the most stylish way.

We offer a wide selection of the best Chef’s Knives and Japanese Knives in Australia, allowing you to find the best kitchen companion that you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Find your next kitchen companion among the best Chef’s Knives and Japanese Knives in our collection. Bring home an Iron Chef knife with the style that you love and quality that you can trust

If you’re planning to buy a chef’s knife, here’s what you need to know about it. A chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife used for chopping, dicing, and cutting vegetables, fruit, and meat. It usually measures 8 to 10 inches long with the blade being more rounded at the tip.

The most popular knife used in the professional kitchen is the Chef’s Knife. Chefs love that it’s lightweight, has a versatile blade, and has the right size which makes it very easy to handle. If you’re looking for good chef’s knives, explore our extensive selection of professional chef’s knives which you can find in our store today. 

Having a longer blade is perfect for making single-stroke cuts when slicing. However, like with a chef’s knife, those with a more rounded section at the front of the blade are great for chopping in an up-and-down back and forth motion.

Santoku knives are made of carbon steel while chef knives are made of stainless steel. A santoku knife has a single bevel or only one side with a sharp edge while a chef’s knife has a double bevel with each side being sharp at the top. In terms of length, chef knives are usually longer than santoku knives. Santoku knives are perfect for making extra-thin slices while chef knives are reliable when it comes to deboning or disjointing meat. Both knives are used in a rocking motion for performing various cutting tasks.

By the end of the day, the choice is still yours. Just take these factors into consideration when choosing which type of sign to purchase.

What makes the best chef’s knife set? We suggest making sure that you include these three types of knives present in your knife set. First is the all-around chef’s knife that can use to cut just about anything with ease and comfort. Next is a serrated knife or bread knife which you can use to slice both hard and soft foods like bread and tomatoes. Lastly, make sure to have a paring knife for making precise cuts.

Gyuto is a Japanese chef’s knife designed to cut larger pieces of beef. It has a thinner blade and lighter handle compared to the European version of a chef’s knife. It is also a multipurpose knife suitable for performing different cutting tasks.  

Japanese knives are made of harder steel which better maintains a sharp edge compared to German knives made of softer steel. However, knives made of harder steel are prone to chipping or breaking which makes them less durable compared to those made of softer steel. So if you need a knife that can stay sharp for a long time choose a Japanese knife, but if you want something more durable and don’t need the sharpness of a Japanese knife, then go for a German knife.

Owning both is actually beneficial for chefs as they use both styles for different purposes. Chefs use Japanese knives for delicate and more refined slicing and use German knives for all other usual kitchen work. 

Although the grooves in Japanese knives look aesthetically pleasing they actually have a practical purpose. Japanese knives  have scalloped grooves in the blade that creates air pockets between the blade and the ingredient being cut. This reduces friction, allows easier cutting, and causes the piece to fall away from the blade or slide off the knife after the cut.

Japanese knives are known for their high performance and practicality. They are made of carbon steel which is easier to sharpen and has better edge retention but is prone to discolouration and rusting compared to stainless steel blades. In deciding on which style of knife you want, you should ultimately consider your preferences and needs. In Japan, the Santoku knife is the most popular kitchen knife in households, being more common compared to the Gyuto. Santoku (“three-purpose” or “three virtues” in English) is a multipurpose knife that you can use to cut meat, fish, or vegetables. 

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