Our Story

Ours is a story that takes you from one journey to another.

The first is a journey of exploration and discovery… of delights and ideas brought back from overseas. Sharing a passion for the Asian cuisine and culture, owners Ross and Phillip Visalli made several trips to China and Hong Kong, familiarizing themselves with traditions of old and ideas of new.

Now you can discover for yourself..

A beautifully balanced menu of over 200 dishes, drawing influence from Cantonese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines
A 4-tiered live seafood tank with cascading water. The first of its kind in Australia
Luxury private dining rooms each with their own theme and style
Open style kitchens in the BBQ and noodle areas – watch as the chefs prepare your favourite dishes
The latest in audio and visual technology catering to any corporate or social event
Warm and stylish decor, a fusion of oriental colours and western patterns

The culmination of these trips and a vision to create a restaurant that embraces both tradition and the now is the Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant.

The second is a journey of the senses …

Taste – a variety of flavors, mild and spicy, hot and sour, delicate and robust

Smell – the aromatic fragrance of the food as it whisks you away to somewhere else

Touch – a combination of textures and fabrics used throughout the restaurant

See – the richness in the colours of the food and the decor that surrounds you

Listen – to the welcome sound of friends and family enjoying themselves
Make the journey and discover the Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant for yourself.

Our Name

What is in a name?

Well for us it was the thought that our name should be a reflection of our Chinese heritage and our Western custom.

We have chosen Tao Holing as our Chinese name for the restaurant.

It is in recognition of one of the staples of the Asian diet, wheat. Widely used throughout Chinese cooking it is. However it is harvest time that heralds joy and happiness for the Chinese people. It is during harvest time in China that a beautiful fragrance of wheat fills the air. It is this fragrance that is so fondly referred to in Chinese as “Tao Heung”.

We hope to replicate this feeling of joy and happiness each and every time you visit us.

We have chosen Iron Chef as the English name for the restaurant.

With our vision tor the type of restaurant we wanted to create complete, it was then essential to find the right chef to join us on the journey. We needed someone who would combine strength, leadership arid creativity with a passion for great food. Somebody who would lead, not follow. Yet somebody who would not turn their back on tradition, but bring it into the modern era.