Our People

Head Chef

Benjamin AoHead Chef

Macau born Chef Benjamin commenced his career later in age in his early 20’s. Chef Benjamin’s Father in law was his teacher and mentor until he left for better quality of life to Australia during the late 80’s. In Macau, Chef Benjamin was trained as a traditional Cantonese style cuisine chef using the skills passed on for many generations from his father in law.

On arrival in Sydney in the late 80s with his family, he worked for Rigo, Golden Century & Zilver before coming to us and working under the guidance of Chef Lei who nurtured Chef Benjamin into taking the Head Chef position after his retirement. During his time in Sydney, he spent almost his entire working life in the Chinatown area however Cabramatta has so far being his best achievement working with a great select team.

Dim Sum Chef

LAI HungDim Sum Chef

Hong Kong born Chef LAI started his first attempt as a dim sum chef at age of 10 When he was taught by his mother on how to make crispy dumplings during Chinese New Year, He found it most amazing when playing with the flour dough; he was surprised that such plain flour dough could turn into something so delectable after frying them in hot oil.

After leaving school, Chef LAI asked his mother‘s permission to learn making dim sum, In 1980 he applied as a junior apprentice for the renowned Dong Feng Hotel (a government owned 5 star foreigner’s only hotel in Guangzhou), In 1982, he went to study commercial cooking and 1983 he was awarded Grade 3 Dim Sum Chef with Dong Feng Hotel, an achievement which normally takes 3 to 5 years to achieve.

Chef LAI came to Australia in 1988 and worked as an assistant dim sim chef for Chiu Chow City Restaurant in Chinatown. He then became the head dim sum chef for various restaurants both in Chinatown and suburban restaurants.

Barbeque Chef

John CHUBBQ Chef

Chef CHU has over 30 years of experience in BBQ dishes. Before he left Hong Kong, he worked in a most famous Roast Duck restaurant -Yung Kee” in Central District. His famous BBQ food ranging from Suckling Pig to Steamed Free Range Chicken soaked in his concoction of secret herbs.

His father who was a herbal doctor grew his own herbs in the backyard and used various herbs to treat his patient‘s illness. Chef CHU’s mother used these herbs in her cooking including soups and meats. Chef CHU‘s father often enlightened him the health aspect of balancing the yin and yang in one’s body. He also learned from his mother the proper use of herbs in cooking which will also improve the (chi) energy flow in human body.

Over the years Chef CHU has successfully introduced various herbs in the meat man nation to enhance the taste of his BBQ food.